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Information for potential iPSC line depositors

Summary of deposition process

Depositing induced pluripotent cell lines with EBiSC is a 3 step process:


Initial Depositor Application
Provide initial information on the cell lines to be deposited, the background of the donor(s), the original bio-specimen(s) and the consent obtained.

To enquire about depositing your iPSC lines please download and complete the Depositor Initial Application form and email it to deposit@ebisc.org.

EBiSC will approve applications to deposit at this stage.


Detailed Cell Line Data Capture
Provide detailed scientific information on the cell lines such as derivation method, characterisation and culture conditions.

This can be accelerated if you have already registered your cell lines at hPSCreg.eu.

Formalise deposition
Complete the EBiSC Material Deposit Agreement (EMDA).

The depositor will benefit through:

Contact us

EBiSC has a dedicated Bio-Sample Acquisition team that will help to collate the information for deposition. Contact us if you have any questions about this process.

More information

Frequently Asked Questions - For more information on the deposition process please check answers to some of the most common questions.