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Disease status

Health Status: normal

General information

Depositor:Spanish Stem Cell Bank
Cell line name:ESi007-A
Cell line alternative names:CBiPS1sv-4F-40
Biosamples ID:SAMEA3303231
hPSCreg name:ESi007-A
Derivation country:Spain
Please note that the correct synonym is "CBiPS1sv-4F-40", not "CBiPSsv-4F-40" as stated in PMID:30778227. [NM]
Timepoint: Confluence
Magnification: 4x
Timepoint: Confluence
Magnification: 10x
At European Collection of Authenticated Cell Cultures (ECACC)
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A batch specific Certificate of Analysis will be available to download once you receive your EBiSC iPSC line.