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Donor information


Disease status

Disease: normal
Disease associated phenotypes:Daughter of AST woman (EDi001-A), who has PD with SNCA triplication.This donor did not inherit the mutation.
Family history:Strong family history of Parkinson’s disease due to autosomal dominant inheritance of SNCA triplication. This volunteer did not inherit the mutation

General information

Depositor:University of Edinburgh
Cell line name:EDi002-A
Cell line alternative names:NAS2
Biosamples ID:SAMEA3333374
hPSCreg name:EDi002-A
Derivation country:United States

Related lines

Lines from donor's relatives:

has mother ( disease status: Parkinson's disease, affected )
EDi001-A, EDi001-A-1, EDi001-A-2, EDi001-A-3, EDi001-A-4,

Timepoint: Confluence
Magnification: 4x
Timepoint: Confluence
Magnification: 10x
At European Collection of Authenticated Cell Cultures (ECACC)
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Cell Line Information Pack
A Cell Line Information Pack (CLIP) is created to communicate cell line specific information relating to restrictions on use to a user accessing cell lines from EBiSC. A CLIP contains information about a cell line including any specific third party obligations (TPOs) relating to, for example, intellectual property (IP) or the donor consent which affect the use of the cell line.